When we opened Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten almost 6 years ago, Helen and I imagined a place where community was at the heart. We dreamt of having a kindergarten that embodied connection and authentic relationships. Our community has continued to grow over the last 5 years, and we feel privileged to have spent this time getting to know our kindergarten families.


Some of our families have community roles, others like to connect at the seasonal gatherings. This year, we have had incredible moments of community building, with work in the bushcraft garden, and baking days. One special project has been the amazing pizza oven.

Peering over the fence, M turned to me and said with a huge smile on their face, "my Daddy made that, and I helped him. He made it at his workshop and then we brought it here. It's for everyone." M was proud of this work and of their father. Calling the group over excitedly, M took everyone into the little garden to investigate. M proudly showed everyone the oven and the paddle, talking us through how each object works. On that day, I was privileged to share in the power of community and how children experience this alongside their parents.

This is no small thing. Not only has M's Dad given his time, resources and expertise to the Kindergarten by creating a professionally built pizza oven. He has shown his child what community is all about. M is hugely proud of their father and of what this generosity means. He has created a place for us to gather during the Kindergarten day, to talk about our day, to discuss things that are bothering us and things that we love. He has created a place for us to share food together at our future seasonal family gatherings.

We feel honoured to have received such a gift, and deeply appreciate how even the smallest acts represent so much- relationship and connection that far exceeds a typical “drop and go” school environment. This is thanks to our community and their shared love for this place that we call Kindergarten.